History Of Esposito's Finest Quality Sausage Products

Our History

For over 85 years, Esposito’s Finest Quality Sausage has consistently provided the best sausage anywhere.

In 1933 Giovanni Esposito and Sons was founded as a fresh meat and poultry butcher shop in the same Hell's Kitchen-New York City location where it stands today. As Giovanni's sons grew older, they too came to work in the family business. The brothers recognized the growing demand for their high quality products (especially their sausage) so they split the business into two separate entities, a retail butcher shop and a wholesale manufacturer and distributor of sausage. Armand Esposito ran the Wholesale business aka Esposito's Finest Quality Sausage Products.


In 2000 after our founder Armand passed away, his family contracted with new owners to ensure the prosperity and continued quality of the business. This new ownership and management, now in place almost 20 years, keeps growing the business year after year while preserving the great tastes and traditions of Esposito's.  The legacy of Armand and the sanctity of the original recipes is paramount to all growth. With that legacy in mind Esposito's has continued to add new recipes and sausage varieties as customer’s tastes and lifestyles call for.

With Distributors and larger Supermarkets eager to brand their own line of quality sausages Esposito's also private label's sausages for these circumstances when requested. This private label line is produced from recipes we craft specifically for our customer/distributor or from recipes they give us.

As we reflect on our 85+ years of business we recognize that the Esposito brand has become synonymous with quality sausage. Distribution points ranging from our own backyard of New York City to sunny Florida to California and many points in between reminds us that quality sausage is not crafted by everyone and great sausage is worth the discovery.