1.5" Pinback SOMC Button


Look what we have for you......   Your very own Pinback Button showing your love of Esposito’s and its Sausage of the Month Club (The SOMC)

Why buy one?   

  • A circle is a simple, familiar geometric shape. Symbolically circles represent endless love, eternity, infinite energy, and even the Divine.
  • All the cool companies like us have them.  As a matter of fact in 1945, the Kellogg Company, the pioneer in cereal box prizes, inserted prizes in the form of pin-back buttons into each box of Pep Cereal. They were known as Pep-Pins!
  • Circle pins as jewelry were popular in the 1950s and 60s. Usually worn on a cardigan sweater, remember those!  Many people have different ideas why they were being worn.  For instance, wearing one might mean you've are ‘going steady’ or maybe you had been ‘pinned’. 

So what do you think – wanna ‘go steady’ with Esposito’s?  Order your commemorative SOMC Pin today.