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Sweet Sausage with Provolone & Parsley

Smoked, aged, extra-sharp provolone cheese and the bright notes of fresh parsley are combined to make this outstanding pork sausage. We think it pairs perfectly with pasta and broccoli rabe or just pin-wheeled with a skewer on the grill.


Your order will contain one 5lb Box, It has 3 layers of approx 8" round sausage pinwheels per box. 


Italian Sausage Stuffed with Peppers & Onions

Experience the Feast of San Gennaro year round. Made with fresh lean pork, onions, and bell peppers. All the flavors of an Italian peppers and onions hero without all the work! Adds great flavor to pizzas, pastas, and sauces.


Your order will contain one 5lb Box, It either has 3 layers of approx 8" round sausage pinwheels per box or 25-28 4-inch links per box


Our Process 🤤

What our customers are saying:

In 🍎 NYC Since 1933

Our butcher shop didn’t just provide fresh meat cuts, we also produced a popular Italian sausage that began attracting a lot of attention. Eventually, the demand for this sausage grew so large that the business split into two separate entities; a retail butcher shop and a wholesale manufacturer and distributor of sausage called Esposito’s Finest Quality Sausage products.

Folks lined up to make sure popular flavors like Sweet Italian Sausage and Hot Italian Sausage had a place at their Sunday dinner table.

He ran the business until his passing in 2000, at which time we partnered with new owners to ensure the same high quality, authentic sausage would continue feeding the mouths of hungry New Yorkers and live on in the family meal traditions that we know are so important. What can we say; we’re Italian! We know never to leave our family and friends hungry.