Sweet Sausage with Provolone & Parsley

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Sweet Sausage with Provolone & Parsley

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Smoked, aged, extra-sharp provolone cheese and the bright notes of fresh parsley are combined to make this outstanding pork sausage. We think it pairs perfectly with pasta and broccoli rabe or just pin-wheeled with a skewer on the grill.

Sweet Sausage with Provolone & Parsley
Ingredients: Pork, Provolone Cheese (Pasteurized milk, cheese cultures,salt,enzymes,artificial smoke flavor),Water, Salt, Parsley, Dextrose, Spices, Parmesan Cheese (Pasteurized milk, cheese cultures, salt, enzymes), Yeast Extract, Whey, Buttermilk Solids, Onion Powder, Spice Extractives, Extractives ofPaprika, BHA, BHT, Citric Acid. In a Sheep Casing.

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The BEST!!

Best sausages you'll ever find, anywhere, and I've tried them all (almost)! Great people behind the scenes as well.
Review by Ezra Meeker

The Best!

I've recently moved from Howard Beach Queens to Texas due to job transfer, and was really missing good NY Italian Sausage.

Esposito's online answered my prayers, outstanding Italian sausage! Their customer service is also second to none!

Trust me you will not be disappointed.

Steve B.
Review by Steve

Great Sausages !

These are the best sausages I have found online ! made my own sample sausage pack and so for I had the breakfast and the hot and sweet Italian pork ones and they are great. They included the cheese and parsleys ones as a free sample and we are having them for dinner tonight with a pasta salad. I will be ordering more when we finish these.
Thanks !
Review by Missy

A Truly Great Sausage

I have been purchasing and preparing this sausage for over 30 years. Even though I no longer live in NYC I always make a special trip to the store to pick up 5# whenever I'm in town. It has become a holiday tradition to make a stuffing/dressing with this sausage and apples. Buy it, enjoy it.
Review by rhbphoto


It's not cheap but nothing worth it is, this sausage is excellent and the company apparently cares about its customers, it sent Me a complimentary packet of its excellent bratwurst -- very impressive customer service with an excellent product.
Review by tazshaw

Great Sausage

This is the best thin sausage that I have had since moving to South Carolina several years ago. I will definately try some of their other products when I place my reorder.
Review by Mrs.Christie Ramella

Best Sausage Ever

Once you've had Esposito's sausage, it's hard to imagine eating any other kind. Yes, it's expensive. But wow, is it amazing. The Provolone (Cheese) and Parsley is delicious - the cheese melts in your mouth! Perfect for sausage and peppers too, believe it or not. I'm wishing I was eating some right now...
Review by JurisLaris

A real treat!

The cheese and parsley sausage was outstanding (and my favorite selection from Esposito's so far). The combination of thin diameter casing, high quality meat, and cheese, when cooked on the grill until golden brown, made for a very tasty combination. Highly Recommended.
Review by David Waxman


I love their Italian sausage and much to my surprise in my last order there was a sample..nice size too of the Italian sausage with provolone and parsley. WE LOVED IT. Thanks Espositos for such wonderful products, service and sample...I give you 10 stars
Review by B. Ferro

World's Best Sausage

The provolone and parsley sausage is hands down the best sausage I have ever tasted. It's a thin rope of sausage, absolutely no ick factor (you know, those "ew" items you sometimes bite into in other sausages).

Update: I just received another order of this sausage today (3/9/10) -- the latest of many since my first review --- we absolutely love it and always try to have it around. Esposito's is fantastic to deal with -- every package is more and better than you expect and the packaging is perfect.

4/11 Just an update to say that it's another year since my review and it's all still true. Virtually instantaneous service, next day delivery, fantastic product, and always something a little extra.
Review by Sophie Oakes