Sweet Italian Sausage

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Sweet Italian Sausage

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These packages of impeccable pork sausage are chock-full of savory flavor - thanks to the addition of the finest traditional spices including anise, fennel, and pepper. For the perfect sausage and peppers hero just grill with red bell peppers and white onions, cut to size of your roll and enjoy!.
Sweet Italian Sausage
Pork, Water, Salt, Dextrose, Yeast Extract, Spices (Including Fennel), Natural Flavor, Extractive of Paprika.

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The Best!

I am very picky when it comes to meat. I do not buy sausage from the local stores because it is so awful. I am glad I discovered Esposito's. I live in California and received in two days as promised and it is the best I have had in years. Cannot wait to try the generous sample of chicken sausage. Great product. Great service. Will order again and again. Thanks Esposito's for quality that can't be beat.
Review by Michele

This is my first order with Esposito.

This is my first order with Esposito. For yeard I've been searching for this sausage with no luck. There is a deli in the Boston area thst has cutigino,but not the luganigo. I can't wait to get it and have a feast with my daughter who loves it also
For years I've been searching for this sausage with no luck. There is a deli in the Boston area that has cutigino,but not the luganigo. I can't wait to get it and have a feast with my daughter who loves it also Bon .appetite e bona sera
Review by Elsie

Better then 5 Stars

Im a native New Yorker and here in VA you cant find really good Italian sausage. I would give them a 6 or 7 stars if i could.
Review by Whit

Worth the wait in Vegas

Placed my order online arrived cross country in 2 days perfectly packed and cold. I never realized how much I missed a good sausage until I ordered these. I have been longing for that NY taste again for nearly 3 years...and I finally got it. thank You. I am now a new forever customer.
Review by Alan

Outstanding Italian Sausage

This sausage is an absolutely great Italian fresh sausage. I have tried several flavors of Esposito's sausage and love all of them. If you like Italian sausage, I recommend you try some of this brand of sausages.
Review by The Photographer

Grocery store sausage isn't in the same league

"The Sweet Italian sausage is great. The items arrived quickly, well packaged and the company threw in a cheese sausage sample. I'm definitely going to buying this sausage again. At first glance it seems a bit pricey, but the sausage is soooo good. Grocery store sausage isn't in the same league."
Review by dm


This is the best Italian sausage I've ever tasted. I grew up in Western New York where it was abundant but I now live in the south where it's hard to find (impossble to find with this quality). My southern husband had been deprived of this delicacy until recently. A few months ago he ordered Sausage & Peppers from a fine Italian resaurant in Nashville. He loved it so much that I ordered the Espositos Sweet Italian Sausage as a birthday surprise for him. He flipped! It was perfectly packed, arrived exactly when they promised it and was very fresh. I appreciated the close e-mail contact by the company, letting me now how and when it would be deliverd and it was right on time. Because I ordered early, I had to freeze it till his birthday. It was just like fresh when I thawed and cooked it. So easy to prepare and the bonus is that the nice folks at Espositos sent us an entire package of their fabulous sausage free of charge as a gift. This product may seem pricy but the quality and quanity make it well worth the price. There was very little fat in this sausage when I cooked it and the spices were right on. Authentic, delicious and we will be ordering again and again. I am highly recommending this product. It's 5 stars all the way and 2 thumbs up as far as we're concerned!
Review by K. Bryant

Takes me back to Nauni's kitchen

I remember the aroma of sweet italian sausage in my grandmother's kitchen. I can see her hands place the platter of sausage, peppers and onions on the table. Then came the bowl of homemade tomato gravy and fresh loaves of crusty italian bread. When I bit into that sausage it was tender, juicy and spiced with fennel and anise. For years I have searched for an italian sausage that would come close to the aroma and taste I remembered. I've ordered it everywhere and some were good, some bad, but none matched. When I put the rope of Esposito's sweet sausage in the pan and the kitchen filled with that aroma I was suddenly a kid again in my grandmother's kitchen. It was delicious on bread, with brocolli rabe, garlic, olive oil and crushed red pepper and pasta. I will definitely order from Esposito's again.
Review by Ipipina the Italian Diva

Makes a Wonderful Gift

I live in Florida. My father lives in Michigan. I sent the sweet Italian sausage to him as a gift. He loved it! Said it was the best he has had in a long, long time. Actually, this is my second order for my dad. The order included some freebies too, which he was delighted to have. I will definitely order some again. I have to go on his review as I have not tried it myself. But my brother vouched for it also.
Review by Maria C. Double