Chicken Sweet Italian Sausage
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Chicken Sweet Italian Sausage

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Lower in fat than our traditional pork sausages, yet full in flavor, our all natural chicken sausages allow us to provide the best of both worlds. There’s no mistaking a perfectly spiced Italian sausage and this healthier chicken version will not disappoint.
Chicken Sweet Italian Sausage
INGREDIENTS: Chicken, Water, Salt, Dextrose, Yeast Extract, Spices (Including Pepper and Fennel), Natural Flavor, Extractive of Paprika. In a Sheep Casing

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This was my 1st order of the chicken sweet Italian Sausage. Gotta tell's light seasoned just right,not dense like a pork sausage and the casing is different and tender.They did not disappoint me.When something is "good" you'll have it shipped to Vegas like I do.
Review by Alan

Nice Flavor

After seeing these on QVC I decided to get these directly since I don't care for the cheese flavors that came in the QVC offering. They were very tasty and had alot of the fennel seed they promised.
Review by Luv2Cook