Build your own Sausage Bundle

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Build your own Sausage Bundle

Nutrional Info

With so many varieties of sausage - we recognize its hard to choose just one!

Use this option to pick any four types of sausage and we will ship you

one and a half lbs of each (24oz). With a total of 6 lbs and up to four

different varieties you will truly be the sausage King (or Queen) of your BBQ.

Build your own Sausage Bundle




your sausage

My gosh they are the very best around i have been trying so many brands and yours are the BEST! When ever i think of them my mouth waters for the taste. KEEP UP THE GOOD JOB
Review by vicky

A great decision, couldn't be happier

Way out here in the wilderness of Oregon( yes that's in the United States) it's close to impossible to get decent Italian sausage, so on a whim my husband found this and pulled the trigger. Could not be happier, the bracciole is awesome, just as I remembered from my NY family dinners, and the sausage is delicious and authentic. Will be sending some to my mom in another part of the country that also has no idea how to make sausage. She will be thrilled.
Review by ciaolele

Best Sausage Ever

On the 4th of July we invited 30 of our closest family & good friends over to swim, eat & shoot fireworks later in the evening. My husband always fixes a big variety of meat for everyone to munch on later after they swim, so fixed the usual beef hotdogs, cheeseburgers & BBQ drumsticks. Then he fixed the sausage & that was it! The sausage was the first to go! It smelled heavenly cooking on the gas grill & tasted even better! Everyone in my family loved them - even our five grandkids who range in ages 2 1/2 - 11 & they are all picky eaters!!!
My advice is to have more on hand for us to order as I know next time we will be ordering 2 or 3 pkgs. of these at one time. These would make awesome Christmas gifts as well although if ordered in June or July would have to hide them from everyone in a freezer!!! They are that good. The seasoning & meat is the best & no gristle that you sometimes have with sausage...our family is very impressed & looks forward to ordering again..."
Review by Nonna Kj

Outstanding purchase...delicious and yummy sausage

I ordered this four pack of sausage and i am so glad i did! It is super tasty and fresh! I liked all of the flavors and so did my family! I would absolutely order from Esposito Sausage again and highly recommend!"
Review by Landlny